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US and UK Launch Eighth Round of Strikes Against Houthi Targets in Yemen

In the ongoing conflict in Yemen, the United States and the United Kingdom, supported by Canada, the Netherlands, Bahrain, and Australia, conducted additional airstrikes against Houthi targets on Monday. This marks the eighth round of attacks by the US military in just over 10 days, according to a joint statement.

The strikes, which were deemed “successful” by senior military and defense officials, targeted eight sites, including a Houthi underground storage facility, missile sites, weapons storage, and drone systems. The operation utilized fighter jets from the USS Dwight D. Eisenhower, surface vessels, and a submarine, firing approximately 25-30 precision-guided munitions, including Tomahawk cruise missiles.

The latest strikes come as part of Operation Poseidon Archer, a coordinated effort to deter Houthi attacks on commercial vessels in the Red Sea. The US and UK reiterated their commitment to de-escalate tensions and restore stability in the region while warning the Houthi leadership against continued threats.

In a call between President Joe Biden and UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, security in the Red Sea was discussed among other topics. The UK’s Secretary of State for Defense, Grant Shapps, emphasized the threat posed by Houthi launches against commercial vessels, stating they endanger lives and disrupt global shipping.

Houthi leader Mohamed Ali al-Houthi responded to the airstrikes, claiming they would only strengthen the resolve of the Yemeni people. Meanwhile, the US has named the ongoing operation “Operation Poseidon Archer,” indicating a potentially organized and long-term approach to targeting Houthi assets.

Despite acknowledging that the strikes have not halted Houthi activities, President Biden affirmed that the US airstrikes would continue. The Pentagon expressed confidence in the success of the strikes, emphasizing the destruction of Houthi targets.

Iran’s role in supporting Houthi attacks was underscored by US officials, who stated that Tehran has been supplying the Houthis with tactical intelligence and weapons. The US remains vigilant in disrupting Iranian-backed proxy groups across the region.

While the latest strikes specifically targeted Houthi weapons and supporting capabilities affecting international shipping lanes, the US and its allies emphasized a commitment to self-defense and the protection of global maritime interests in the Red Sea. The situation continues to evolve, with the international community closely monitoring developments in the Yemeni conflict.