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Macron Urges French Citizens to Combat Alarming Surge in Antisemitism

Paris, November 12, 2023

French President Emmanuel Macron has issued a passionate call to action against the “unbearable resurgence of unbridled antisemitism” in a letter published by Le Parisien on Saturday night. Highlighting a concerning spike in antisemitic acts, Macron revealed that over a thousand such incidents occurred in France in just one month, triple the number recorded for the entire previous year.

Expressing deep concern for the Jewish community, Macron noted that this surge has led to “legitimate anguish,” with some individuals even resorting to erasing their names to shield themselves from potential harm. The French President emphasized that a France where any citizens live in fear based on their religion or origin is not the France he envisions.

In the letter, Macron also reiterated his support for Israel’s right to defend itself, stating that “putting Hamas out of harm’s way is a necessity.” Simultaneously, he underscored the importance of a balanced approach, calling for the resumption of political dialogue and the protection of civilians and hostages in Gaza.

“We want justice, peace, and security for the people of Israel, for the Palestinian people, and for the states of the region. We want French unity,” Macron declared.

The release of the letter coincided with Sunday’s historic march against antisemitism in the French capital, which Macron acknowledged in his communication as a source of hope. The President’s call to action follows his recent plea for a ceasefire in Gaza, asserting that it is the only viable solution to the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas.