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Evacuation of Premature Babies from Gaza to Egypt Amid Hospital Targeting: A Mother’s Gratitude and Ongoing Diplomatic Efforts

In a recent evacuation from Al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza, premature babies, including Lubna El-Seik’s daughter, were transferred to Egypt for life-saving treatment. Lubna El-Seik expressed gratitude to Egypt, calling it the “best place on earth.” The evacuation was prompted by the targeting of Al-Shifa Hospital during the ongoing Israel-Hamas conflict.

El-Seik’s daughter faced deteriorating conditions due to a lack of resources during the siege. The evacuated babies will now receive treatment at Al-Arish Hospital in Sinai and the New Capital Hospital in Cairo. The evacuation process was described as well-coordinated, with medical professionals ready to receive the infants upon arrival in Egypt.

Meanwhile, conflicting narratives emerged regarding the presence of hostages in Al-Shifa Hospital, with the Israel Defense Forces releasing CCTV footage and Hamas questioning its authenticity. A doctor inside Al-Shifa called for international aid, highlighting the dire conditions in the facility, including shortages of anesthetics, oxygen tanks, medicine, and blood banks.

In addition to the medical crisis, heavy rain in Gaza led to “unliveable” conditions in shelters, as reported by the UN’s aid agency. Simultaneously, diplomatic efforts to de-escalate the Israel-Hamas conflict are underway in China, where talks involve representatives from Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Egypt, the Palestinian National Authority, Indonesia, and the Organization of Islamic Cooperation.